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Aiming to enable visually impaired people to enjoy the quality of life others take for granted.

Practical support

If you have developed sight loss, often with some adaptations or thinking about things a bit differently, you can continue to enjoy the same things you always have done. Sight Service can provide you with advice on equipment to help you do everyday tasks or tips on how to keep doing the hobbies you love.

Internal Adaptations

Try to Increase the amount of natural light entering into your home. This could be as simple as installing new blinds or curtains

Fix any hazards such as loose carpets or trailing wires 

Organise for handrails to be fitted on either side of the staircase to hold on to

Putting raised markings on appliance controls

Having non-slip flooring in the bathroom and kitchen

Finding out about aids and gadgets which might help you to live more safely and independently


Most people with sight loss need and benefit from enhanced lighting, and good lighting can allow you to make the most of your sight. Improving the lighting in your home isn't difficult or complicated. Often, lighting can be improved by:

Plugging a table, desk or floor light into existing sockets

Fitting bulbs that give more light, including daylight bulbs

Changing shades and fittings to increase light levels or change the direction of light

Lights under wall cupboards which shine onto worktops

A clip-on spotlight that can be used as needed

Colour and contrast can help make things easier to see when you are preparing food. Below are some examples of how different contrasts can help in the kitchen:

It is easier to find light coloured food like potatoes on a dark chopping board and darker food, such as green beans, on a light board

Dark handles on light kitchen units are easier to spot

If you are pouring a drink, it is easier to see how full the cup is if it is a contrasting colour. Try making tea and coffee in a light coloured mug then add the milk. You could also try using a liquid level indicator. It can tell you when a cup, bowl or jug is nearly full

Plugs and sockets are easier to find if they are a different colour to the walls and worktops

There is a lot of special equipment you can use to make cooking easier. You can also get talking measuring jugs and scales so you can accurately measure out ingredients

If you have trouble reading food packaging, you will find it a lot easier to cook in your kitchen if everything is properly labelled. Again, a PenFriend is a great way to quickly identify ingredients and jars

You can also get talking tin lids or use contrasting stickers or braille labels. Try and have a clear system of where you keep things, and make sure that everyone who uses your kitchen knows to put things back where they find them

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